Friday, 10 April 2015

Fashion Houses and Trends

Fashion houses devote a lot of time and spend an enormous amount of money trying to emulate, dictate, and predict trends. They must decide every season to follow, lead, or ignore a running trend if they wish to find themselves in the market. Some designers, in their desire to defect from the craze, inspire a new one instead. Consumers may be able to find smaller ways to embrace it without submitting wholly to it. The designer that has a clear understanding of the en vogue will connect and find their right audience.

Dolce & Gabbana Sping/Summer Campaign Advertisement

Some trends that has become obscure through the decades can be presented in a fresh new way in the new season. There are always new and interesting ways to interpret an idea. Sometimes a label can offer a du jour piece as an accent or an accessory. When presented in smaller pieces, a label can find their designs in the hands of consumers.

From Prada's FALL/WINTER 2013/14 CAMPAIGN. Platform sandals were all the range in the 70's.

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